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!!! The following programs are no longer available for download. Descriptions are given for information purposes only !!!

AIDA32 Enterprise Edition
OS: Win9x/Me/NT/2k/XP  Homepage Screenshot
5/5 - 2.9Mb

AIDA32 is a sysinfo/benchmark tool. It can reliably identify almost all hardware & software components, and gives you pretty much information about the computer. It can be considered as one of the best programs in its class! Highly recommended!

ATI Tray Tools
OS: Win2k/XP/2k3/Vista    Homepage Screenshot
5/5 - 1.6Mb
ATI Tray Tools is a full-featured Radeon tweaker that can be found in the Windows tray and provides instant access to options and settings. It is normally used as an alternative to the more bulky official Catalyst Control Center (CCC), but it can also run in tandem with it. Main features include: overclocking and temperature monitoring, Artifact Tester that helps to detect maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory, hardware low level color correction, OnScreen Display module (in-game FPS, 3D API type, GPU Activity, and related information indication), and much more.

Atomic CPU Test
OS: Win9x/NT/2k/XP    Homepage Screenshot
4/5 - 501Kb
Atomic CPU Test will measure the performance of your CPU, FPU and the Cache/Memory subsystem. The program has Russian interface.

OS: Win3.x/9x/Me/NT/2k/XP/Linux/MacOS   Homepage  Rating: 5/5

Are your PC and browser fast enough to handle heavy JavaScript and DHTML scripts? BenchJS will reveal the answer! BenchJS consists of 7 scripts testing the speed-potential of your PC and your browser's JavaScript engine. After completing the tests you can compare your results with the results of the other testers.

Business Winstone 2004
OS: Win2k/XP  Homepage    Rating: 5/5
Winstone 2004 is a system-level, application-based benchmark that measures a PC's overall performance when running today's top-selling Windows-based 32-bit applications on Windows 2000 (SP2 or later) or Windows XP. Business Winstone doesn't mimic what these packages do; it runs real applications through a series of scripted activities and uses the time a PC takes to complete those activities to produce its performance scores.
You can also download the Business Winstone 2004 Version 1.0.1 update file (3.8Mb). Note: you'll need an existing copy of Business Winstone 2004 Version 1.0 to use the update file.

CD WinBench 99
OS: Win95/98/NT      Homepage    Rating: 5/5
CD WinBench 99 is a new ZD benchmark that focuses on CD-ROM operations and provides an overall comparative measure of a PC's CD-ROM subsystem's performance under Windows. Very good!

OS: Win2k/XP/Vista         Homepage Screenshot
4/5 - 2.6Mb
Shareware $15

D-test is a powerful test tool for helping you to adjust correctly your monitor main settings. Main features include: resolution test card from 640x480 to 2560x2048; custom resolution support; adjustable collinearity grid; various color tests (RGB, CMYK, Spectrum, Gradient, custom color etc.); contrast, luminance staircase, PLUGE, SMPTE; gamma correction card; refresh test, subpixel layout, clock&phase, anti-aliasing and more.

OS: Win95/98/NT/HP-UX/IRIX/Solaris   Homepage    Rating: 5/5
The Indy3D benchmark evaluation tool is focused on three segments of the 3D graphics market, MCAD, Animation, and Simulation. One of the best programs for OpenGL accelerators! The minimum RAM requirement is 128 MBytes!

MonitorsDirect ToolKit
OS: Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP   Homepage     Rating: 5/5

The MonitorsDirect ToolKit is designed to help evaluate monitor quality, diagnose possible problems, and help properly adjust the display image. At the core of the MonitorsDirect ToolKit are a series of test patterns and instructions on how to evaluate any CRT or LCD monitor. This web-based application can be accessed from any system and requires no special software other than Macromedia's Flash Player for your Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.0 or greater) web browser.

Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2004
OS: Win2k/XP     Homepage    Rating: 5/5
Multimedia Content Creation Winstone is a system-level, application-based benchmark that measures a PC's overall performance when running top, Windows-based, 32-bit, multimedia content creation applications on Windows 2000 (SP2 or higher) or Windows XP. It uses such applications as: Dreamweaver, Sound Forge, Photoshop, Windows Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere, and so on.
You can also download the Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2004 Version 1.0.1 update file (3.5Mb). Note: you'll need an existing copy of Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2004 Version 1.0 to use the update file.

Need for speed
OS: Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP   Homepage    Rating: 5/5

Need for speed measures the performance of your CPU using a Dhrystone benchmark. It supports SMP. The results can be saved in the online Results Database.

Quantum Data Protection System
OS: Win9x/Me/NT/2k/XP    Homepage 108Kb

QDPS is a diagnostic utility for Quantum SCSI hard disk drives supporting S.M.A.R.T. technology.

OS: Win95/98      Homepage  Screenshot
5/5 - 650Kb

This nice little program will give you general information about your system, benchmark processor, memory, video and HDD. Then you can compare your results with other systems and save them to a file.


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