BenchmarkHQ - Dr. Hardware

Dr. Hardware 9.0

By Gebhard Software

Since 1994 Dr. Hardware is among the leading system information programs on the market. The program's main features include:
  • Detailed analysis of computers and their components
  • Processor, BIOS, Cache, bus type detection
  • VGA, AGP test (Chipset, DirectX analysis, VESA modes, driver capabilities)
  • Detailed mainboard chipset analysis
  • Benchmarks (CPU, video, hard disks, CD ROM, ASPI drives, Net drives)
  • Interrupts, IRQs, CMOS and Advanced CMOS Setup, DMA, I/O ports lists
  • Memory analysis (incl. XMS, EMM, DPMI) and MCB chain incl. High RAM
  • Network analysis
And much more! Be sure to download the latest version!

Download Dr. Hardware 9.0e! (686Kb)